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Yes, the guy pictured above is me. All of my life I have struggled against weight problems.

At age 12 (pictured above) I was 5'3, and weighed in at 235 pounds.

It was a great figure for football, but a lousy figure for everything else.

In 1997, I managed to slim down...

168 pounds... I'd never been that thin since I was young and on the way up to 235.

Unfortunately, it didn't last. It's not that my eating patterns had changed... it was mainly because I stopped going to the gym.

Between work, school, and my bands, I just didn't have the time to go.

That was me in March of 2002. I don't remember thinking at the time that I was that out of shape.

There's me in February 2003. I had finally had enough.


I cut back on what I ate, and tried to make smarter choices. In addition, I started going to the gym for 4 to 5 days a week, 1 to 2 hours each time.

I began taking photographs of myself, so I could track my progress. What happened was amazing.

I had finally done it. I had found a way to change my body without starving myself, and without physically destroying myself through exercise.

I continued going to the gym until July, when I got sick. I was unable to go to the gym.

Then I started working more, and didn't have the time to go. However, my job involved a lot of heavy lifting.

The bottom line is, I got down to around 185 pounds. I was thrilled.

Then, in October, I got extremely sick, and had to have surgery. I had been unable to eat or drink for a week.

I had also been sick for several weeks before hand, and my appetite was gone.

When they weighed me before the surgery, I was down to 172 pounds.

Now, it's a new year. I'm back to 185 pounds, and back in the gym.

Who knows what the next year will bring?